AIEEE Negative Marking 2012

In AIEEE 2012 Exam, there is negative marking.You will get objective type questions with 4 different option which will have only one correct answer. For every wrong answer, there is a negative marking. 1/4th (one fourth) of total mark for that question will be deducted if you have given wrong answer. Also, if you are giving or marked more than 1 option i.e. two or more options as your answer then it will be considered as a wrong attempt and again 1/4th mark will be deducted from your total mark of that question.

Keep in mind, the minus marking is only based on per question. So, if you attempt a wrong answer then only your mark will get minus. Better to leave the question unattempted if you don’t know the exact answer. So, Avoid answering wrong to avoid AIEEE Negative Marking.

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    1. Anshul singh

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  2. Anshul singh

    sir i got 75% marks in intermediate in CBSE i am in eligible for entrance exam for Aieee & IIt.


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